A complete Code of Ethics for Coaches is available at the Skate Canada website.


To Athlete/Parent

  • Accurately represent one’s technical, educational and professional credentials and resume.
  • Avoid making promises/guarantees to the athlete/parent but rather endeavour to restrict dialogue to the athlete’s personal skating development.
  • Clearly outline your available coaching services including costs and method of payment prior to providing any services as agreed/contracted by the athlete/parent.
  • Invoice the athlete/parent for services performed and only for the appropriate value.
  • Coaches should be role models for athletes and encourage healthy habits.

To Colleagues

  • Respect that an athlete/parent has the right to contract the services of another coach to either replace/supplement the athlete’s instruction.
  • Respect that a coach becomes the base coach of an athlete from the moment that an athlete contracts the services of that coach.
  • Respect a coach/athlete/parent relationship and not solicit or cause to be solicited, directly or indirectly, or through a third party the athlete of another coach.
  • Advise coaching colleague when contracting with their skater to confirm all bills to the former coach are paid.
  • Coaches may respond to athletes/parents who approach them and ask questions regarding their services, experience, qualifications, teaching methodology and coaching philosophy.


  • When you “hire” a coach you are entering into a contract to instruct your child. Consider their qualifications, availability and rate.
    If switching coaches

  • First notify the “old” coach to advise their services are no longer required before contracting with a “new” coach.
  • All outstanding bills must also be paid in full to the former coach prior to starting with a “new” coach.
  • Commit to the agreed schedule/lesson time with your coach for the season.
  • Notify the coach at least 24 hours in advance (if possible) should the skater need to cancel a lesson or a fee may be charged.